Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC is defined as a strategy or plan that combines all the marketing tools to widen up the customer reach. There are so many marketing tools available in the market from simple billboard advertising to complex search engines marketing. Depending on the objective, a successful marketing campaign is done through a strategic planning on how to fully leverage the marketing tools to get the best result.

At the basic level, the objective of a marketing campaign can be categories into three, Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase. Each objective utilize different marketing tool in a different capacity because each marketing tools has their own respective pros and cons. For example, if the objective is to go to a place that is 10,000 km in distance, of course, flying is the quickest option to reach there instead of walking or driving.

For Awareness campaign the goal is to answer the question, how do I find more customers? To implement a good Integrated Marketing Communications strategy first we need to identify several areas that have the highest volume of people. Then, we need to create engaging marketing materials which can benefit the people in the areas. For this objective, we are aiming at getting our brand known to the people and not expecting much on sales first.

The next type of objective is Consideration in which we find the answer to the question, how do I stand out in a cluttered marketplace? The strategy for this objective is slightly the same for Awareness but instead of blasting our message randomly, the strategy is more targeted to the people that actually need our help. Here, we need to invest more in the marketing tools that can bring the targeted audience to our store.

Last but not least, how do I drive sales and grow my business is the question to answer for Purchase campaign. This objective will have a compelling result if we run the two previous objectives beforehand. The reason is that we need to fully understand who are our customers and which of our products or services are most beneficial to our customers. The strategy for this objective will be fully personalized marketing materials catered to our potential customers.

We may start with one product or service at first but as the business grows, more products or services will be needed to develop with new technology and better features as new challenges will be coming in the future. Hence, the best strategy to sustain the business is through Integrated Marketing Communications. This is because each product or service we offer to the market will undergo the same basic objectives that are awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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