Start-ups and entrepreneurship have been a trend and a growing popular career choice among millennial in Malaysia since the past decade, proving that not only start-ups are not only an unstoppable trend and the next newly evolved millennia culture in the highly competitive and advanced capitalist countries such as the United States and Germany, it is organic and inevitable that developing countries, such as Malaysia is adopting and adapting into the culture.


Start-ups play a huge role in the society socially and economically in a way that we cannot deny its influence and contributions. It is such that a start-up company with the man-power of 10 individuals, for example, could potentially be as competitive and capable as a corporation. You may ask, even if a small start-up could deliver the same or better products or services than the large corporation, how could they manage to do so if large corporations have the significant influence and hypothetically, monopoly over them that they could overshadow the small businesses? The answer is the ability to reach.

In this digital age, everyone is shifting towards to the technology and internet, from daily life to business. A decade ago, people had to drive to McDonalds to buy their meal; today, they can order McDonalds online from home or workplace through McDonalds app or GrabFood. A decade ago, people seek entertainment through cable TV in television; today, they seek entertainment from their laptop or smart phone through YouTube whenever and wherever they want. A decade ago, local businessmen had to go from door to door to advertise and sell their products; today, they can easily advertise and sell their products through their own website or Lazada or Amazon. The culture is shifting so drastically that even corporation could not deny its opportunities and started to adapt the trend of reaching to its customers and potential customers, or they will be losing out in the competition in the industry. This is all because the internet makes everything possible.


It all boils down to a single recipe: Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, allows a company or business to be found and discovered by internet users whenever they searched for something on search engines, for instance, Google or Bing on the internet. When utilized properly, a company is able to be visible to the users, prompting them to discover the website, engage with the website and attain the information or products that they seek for from the website. This gives small start-ups a huge advantage in terms of same level of playing field against large corporations, while for the large corporations; it helps them to remain competitive. This is because at the end of the day, the customers could not care less for which company they purchase from, as long as the products and services that they purchased are trust-worthy, good for price, and satisfactory.

SEO has proved itself to be an extremely useful tool that has changed the game of trade and marketing over the past decade, that if it is being fully utilized to its full potential, respectfully and properly, it will serve as a great ally and aid to a business. Recently, there has been a rise of demand for the skill regarding SEO in Malaysia, as many businesses and corporations are currently demanding for this skill and expertise in such highly competitive industry, as there has been realisation of the importance of SEO in the business world. Some may seek for individuals with SEO expertise within the organisation, some may seek for SEO agents, and some may seek for SEO consultants. SEO is the undeniably the necessitated job according to the rise of demand now in Malaysia. Some may ask, “Okay, I am aware of the importance of SEO for my company. But what does a SEO consultant do specifically for my company?” A SEO consultant, known as a SEO marketing services consultant, provides services that help in marketing your company and the products or services that your company offers efficiently, strategically and effectively. This allows your company to be visible to your potential customers and able to properly cater to your customers.


SEO services and professionals are easily and widely available throughout the internet. Whenever you seek such expertise, just search up on your search engine and they will definitely, always be there and ready to provide their expertise and services

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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