The rise of digital age today demands for better techniques and strategies on the internet, which for instance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucially required to remain competitive and adaptive among your competitors on the internet. However, what can you do and what should you do with SEO? Here is the tutorial on the techniques on regarding the basics of Search Engine Optimization that you should know and that can get you started:

1. It is all about the content.

Know your audience and yourself. Who are your target audience? What do they need? What does your site provide? What is the goal of your site? Create your content based on the questions. Give the answers that they want. Provide solutions that they seek for. Fulfil the needs that they desire. Or create a content is relevant to your audiences. This technique generates you reliable and original contents to your audiences. It does not only give what they want, it also builds the reputation of your site in a way that it is trustworthy and sincerity. It also helps you to produce content ethically without having to click-bait the internet users and the A.I. of the search engine. This helps you to avoid repercussions, such as backlash from the users and penalty from the search engine.


2. Identify the keywords.

Get into the minds of the internet users. What kind of keywords do they usually type on the search engine whenever they are searching for something? The trick is easy. Break down the focus of your content into several nouns, verbs or adjectives. For instance, if your content is about how to take care of your cats, break the focus down into several keywords, such as “how”, “take care”and “cats”. Identify the popular and commonly used keywords related to the content that you are going to provide. Then be sure to use those keywords in your content, so that your content can be found based on the search on the search engine by the users. This technique allows your content to be visible on the internet.


3. Get to know how to make your content accessible.

Having a good content with the right keywords are not enough, because if you do not know how to make your content accessible to the A.I. of the search engine, it is as good as a loss of effort. If you can making your content available on Google for instance, make sure that you are aware of how Google crawl robots work. Look up for the information of the technical aspect of the Google A.I. in their website to keep yourself informed of their latest updates. Make sure that your website links are correct and remember to replace the dead links. Learn about authority links to instruct how the bots should treat your site. Structure your site, such as links and articles or content to be more efficient so that it can be easily navigated.


4. Be generous with your content.

This technique is basically all about giving a longer content. In this context for instance, it is advisable to write a longer article as it helps you to retain users on your site as they are more likely to stay longer on your site to read and engage with the content because it is informative and engaging to them. The length of time spent by them on your site reflects greatly and positively on the search engine, as the search engine will be in favour with your site and rank it higher in the search results.


5. Always keep your contents updated.

Just like cars and human beings, always be sure to have maintenance on your site and contents frequently. In other words, edit your site and contents based on latest information and trend. Newly updated contents always attract users to view your contents on your site. Remember: no one would want to read an outdated information.


This marks the end of the tutorial the Search Engine Optimization techniques that can greatly benefit your site in a long run. It may be challenging to practice these SEO techniques at the beginning, however it will eventually be easier with much practice, experience and perseverance. We hope this tutorial can help you in getting started with SEO. Good luck!



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