To every business owners, influencers and creators who owns a platform on the internet, there is only one goal that they aim for: success. Every person’s definition of success varies; let it be to have recognition for their work, to be the best in the field, or to generate the most revenue. However, in order to attain that aim on the internet, a person needs to know how to secure it online.


Millions of contents are being uploaded on to the internet every single day. For instance, you want to upload a new content about your review of the latest smart phone. The problem is, there are probably hundreds or thousands of similar reviews already been posted online. How do you differentiate yourself from the others? How do you avoid being overshadowed by the others? How do you stay ahead of the rests? To be ahead of the game, you need to trace back to the very important aspect of the internet in order to stay distinguished and noteworthy: search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is important as a factor in ensuring your online success because search engines are the very first thing that internet users use whenever they want to look for something on the internet. To put it as an analogy, the internet is a library and the search engine is the librarian. Every single information and content on the internet, such as texts, articles, videos, pictures, files and audios are the books in the library. When an internet user searches for an information or content on the internet, the search engine provides the information or content that the user seeks for. This is why SEO is extremely important for you when you aim to achieve success online.

Utilizing SEO allows all your work and content to be indexed online by the search engine. In this case, all of your work and content will be recorded in the database of the search engine to be used when internet users search for information or content related to yours. SEO helps you to build brand awareness, advertise your products, inform your audiences, increase your visibility, bypass your competition, attract potential audiences or customers, build your credibility and increase your sales or recognition.

SEO helps you to achieve your goals that you set up for yourself or your brand on the internet, which leads to your online success. By incorporating SEO into the hard work that you put into your contents, you will definitely succeed in gaining web presence and winning the attention of your target audience.

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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