WordPress is one of the most popular and used platform by users across the world to create various contents and functions, ranging from blogging to forums and online stores. WordPress is also used to promote business or ideas by many as its flexible structure is able to support such functions. As many aim to attain traffics to their page and articles, one must incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into their articles to attract and retain traffics to their site. In this case, how to write perfect SEO optimized articles in WordPress?

1. What is the subject of the content?

For starters, you may start with relevant and trending topics. This may help you to grasp the idea of creating quality articles that attract views and attention. It is also a method of strengthening your basics of writing solid articles. If you are not keen on writing about current popular topics, you may write articles that your target audience cares about.




2. Keep your content solid.

To write perfect SEO optimized articles, make sure that your articles are substantial and rich with information. If possible, make them lengthy as well. This attracts your audiences even more and keeps them longer on your site. This is a good SEO technique for your site.

3. Determine your keywords.

Identify what keywords are commonly used by your target audience when they search articles related to the articles that you post. Next, use them by incorporating the keywords in your articles. You may space the keywords here and there in your articles to make them interesting, instead of putting them out there in a sentence just for the sake of inserting the keywords.




4. Avoid keyword stuffing.

Do not abuse the usage of the keywords by adding them all over your articles. This is a bad SEO practice as it affects your ranking badly on the search engine result pages. Keep it appropriate and minimal.

5. Mind your meta title and post title.

Post title is how your audience view the title of your post in your site, while meta title is how search engines, such as Google display on the search engine search pages to your audiences. Using keyword rich meta title will give you good SEO ranking.

6. Take note of the importance of meta description.

Meta description is like a summary of your article. It is shown among results of search engine result pages along with the link of your meta title that tells the audience a brief idea on what your article is about. This serves as an opportunity to attract your target audience to click on your article to read it and visit your site. Your meta description should be about 150 characters long and consists of keywords as it influences your SEO ranking.




7. Do not forget about your Image Alt Attribute!

Whenever you attach photos or pictures in your articles, be sure to name your pictures based on the name of your meta title! This helps search engines, such as Google to index your images and include them in the search results. This is a good opportunity as it increases the probability to be found and seen by your target audience.

This sums up on how to write perfect SEO optimized articles in WordPress. Take heed on the steps above and it could help you in attracting traffics and improve the reputation of your site in no time.



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