What comes to your mind when you think of these two words: “digital marketing”? Without a split second you will be thinking of video advertisements and picture advertisements. Video and picture advertisements are undoubtedly correct as we encounter these mediums on daily basis, ranging from coming across billboards and displays while driving on the highway to stumbling upon an advertisement while watching a video on YouTube or scrolling through your feed on FaceBook. Digital marketing is a huge spectrum of marketing methods and tools that consists of non-physical mediums that differ from the traditional marketing that we always see on through flyers, brochures, newspapers and magazines.


The emergence of recognition for Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, in the recent years among small and big businesses brings the question of this article today: what is the meaning of SEO in digital marketing? To answer this question, we should first understand what SEO is and what SEO is in digital marketing context.


In layman’s term, SEO is a process of improving a website for the search engines in order to generate more visits and traffics to the site to improve one’s business organically. In digital marketing context, SEO falls into the category of internet marketing. This means that the marketing is conducted through the medium of internet.  Moving on to the subject of the meaning of SEO in digital marketing, we must break down the significance of SEO in the context of digital marketing.

SEO is a form of free advertising if being done right. If the SEO techniques are being executed correctly and appropriately, your website will be promoted to and easily visible to internet users who wish to seek for certain product, service or information online.  This spares you the costly expenditure on paid advertising on the internet platform.

SEO increases the visibility and awareness of your brand on the internet. Being visible and having awareness is the sole purpose of marketing, and SEO is making it happen. Thus, it fulfils its role in internet marketing. This is due to the fact that millions of users rely on search engines to look for everything, everyday. This is why being easily discovered and seen on the search engines is an extremely good opportunity for marketing.

SEO increases your leads and sales. With increased visibility to your brand, you will be able to attract potential target consumers to your products or services. The customers will be more likely to take interest in the products or services that you offer when they are aware of your existence on the internet. This could lead to potential sales if they like what you got!

SEO keeps your customers and potential customers informed. Being easily found on the search engines helps and allows you to get your message and information across to your target audience, which in this case, your customers and potential customers. Without SEO, you are very likely to be overshadowed and drowned by your competitors in the sea of over thousands or millions of search results on the internet and they will never be able to know what your updates and you would want them to know.

SEO builds your credibility and trust. Having to be consistently among the top rankings of search results on search engines gives your customers and potential customers an idea that you are reliable and reputable as a brand and website. This is because they knew that the search engines rank sites based on the helpfulness and reliability of the content provided by the site. Over time, the customers will gain the impression that your brand and site are reliable and trustable. Therefore, they gain trust over your brand and site and thus, your brand will achieve credibility from them.

To sum up, SEO is in a way, internet marketing, if you look at it as an analogy. SEO is similar to internet marketing, in some ways. SEO does the same thing as internet marketing, mostly. If you look at the bigger picture, SEO plays an important role in digital marketing, because many things are internet and digital these days. It is undeniably essential in the meaning of marketing. Therefore, here is the answer to the question of the article today: SEO is many things in marketing, but we cannot deny how indispensable SEO is in digital marketing today.

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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