SEO is not just about the techniques of doing meta title and meta description with the suitable keywords right, SEO is also about the content. Articles with solid, original and useful contents are equally as important as well, as they will boast your SEO rankings in the search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Many often overlook the importance of good content writing as it requires more effort to do it. However, the ROI (return of investment) from good content writing actually worth the effort as it brings you more benefits in a long run, such as consistent traffic into your site, good SEO rankings and good reputation for your site.

In order to have good content, one must practise the best practices of content writing. So, what are the best practices of content writing for your SEO rankings?

1. Do your research

To present a good content, you must know how and what to cater to your audience. Before that, you should identify who you are writing to first. After knowing who you are catering your contents to, you may proceed to ascertain the purpose of your content. Identify what kind of information do your audience need and why do they need it. After that, find out which keywords do they usually use to search these information. This helps to set a clear direction for you in getting a head start. It also helps you to know which topic is relevant to your audience.


2. Learn to be the expert of the field

One of the best practices in writing content is to be the expert in the field that you are going to write about. Having experiences and ample knowledge regarding certain field that you are writing content about is a huge advantage for you, as you know the ins and outs regarding that topic. However, if you feel that you might be lacking in terms of knowledge and experience, it is advisable to conduct your research in the field related to the topic first. It is extremely important that you provide only the correct and latest information to your audience in your content, as the credibility of your content affects your reputation. It is also a plus to include your past experiences related to the field as it gives your audience an insight on certain applicable context. It shows that you are experienced on this topic and it improves your credibility.

3. Comprehensibility matters

The content of the articles should be easy to read and digestible to your audience. The structure and flow of your articles need to smooth in the eyes of your readers. So, avoid using overly sophisticated words or writing in a complicated manner. Your content needs to be able to be read and to be understood by your audience when they visit your site. Pay heed to your spellings and grammar as well, as they reflect on your reputation and professionalism. Besides that, it is vital to note that your content should serve its purpose to your audience. The content needs to be helpful to them, so that they will stay and read the articles in your site. This reflects positively on your search engine as the longer they spent on your site, the better your SEO rankings will be.

4. Deeper content matters too

A way to retain consistent traffic to your site, attract more traffic to your site and encourage longer dwelling time in your site is to provide a deeper content. To provide deeper content is to give more in-depth information and knowledge. This is why being an expert of the field is important in this context. Try writing extensive articles, around 700 to 1000+ words, rather than brief articles that just explore the surface level of the topic. Aside from that, detailed guide articles are a good strategy of writing articles with deeper content. You may also explore topics by providing different angles, perspectives, arguments, or aspects. This not only improves the quality of your content, it also encourages your audience to come back to your content or stay longer in your site.


5. Support your points with facts

It is important to support the points that you mention in your articles with facts and data. It shows that you are not just merely stating an opinion and that your claims are proven by research and survey. Be sure that you cite your sources correctly, with the right link and credible sources. With this, your content will be seen as credible as the points have been supported by accurate data.

6. Provide visual aid

Relevant images are able to help your audience to understand and enjoy your content better as it gives an idea that you want to present to them and it helps them to understand your context and narrative. If you are planning to use images as visual aid, do make sure that you are using relevant high quality images. The images should be based on your points and context.

By practicing the best practices of content writing, the quality of your content will improve and it will surely attract clicks to your site and maintain traffic to your site in a long run. With this, your site will strive well in the SEO rankings.



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