It is important for ecommerce websites to have visibility and traffic on the internet because it has a direct effect on the business. With over thousands of online business websites that offer the same products and have the similar functions as you, the competition is high and the chances of not being discovered by your target consumers are high too.

Thus, it is important to SEO your ecommerce website to stay ahead of your competitors and strive for success, through the product pages. When you SEO your product pages, it allows your product pages to be indexed in the search engine so that they can be found easily when your target consumers search for products related to what you offer in your ecommerce website. In this case, what can you do to SEO your ecommerce product pages?


The following are some SEO best practices for your ecommerce product pages.

1. Utilize the keywords

Keywords are one of the important aspects of SEO best practices, as keywords play a huge role in helping your product pages to be identified by the search engine. When your product pages are identified by the search engine, they will be presented to your target consumers when they look for products that you offer.

Identify frequently used keywords that your target consumers usually type on the search engine. Descriptive terms are possible keywords as they are commonly used by your target customers when searching for products. For example, product colours, functions of the product and model name.

2. Get creative with description

Having good description to your products helps you to stand out among your competitors. It is not advisable to use and recycle the same common description for your products as many other ecommerce websites tend to have that practice. Having the similar description will make your website appear to be unfavourable to the search engine because it will be considered as duplicated content. Thus, your product pages may not be able to rank high enough in the search engine results pages (SERPs) to be deemed recommended to the target consumers.

3. Generate good meta description

Meta description is crucial in a way that it serves as the first impression to attract first time customers to visit your ecommerce website. That is why a good meta description matters. Since meta description is similar to a short summary of your website, it is a good opportunity to include metadata, such as what your ecommerce website is about, what kind of products do you offer, or the unique quality of your website. Your meta description should be precise and unique that it could attract customers to click into your website.

4. Capitalize on visual aid

Using images or videos in your product pages in your ecommerce website makes your website looks more appealing to your costumers, which it will encourage them to stay longer to engage with your website. It is important to use the right and proper visual aid for your products to present the correct information to your customers, because misinformation or misrepresentation of product will cause your website to lose credibility and trust from your customers.

5. Make use of rich snippets

Rich snippets contain extra information about your products, which make it easier for your website to stand out among others. Information such as customers’ product review, product price and product’s availability will be able to attract target consumers’ attention to you. Having rich snippets tends to be more favoured by the search engine as extra information is considered as relevant and helpful.

6. Improve the load speed of your website

Ecommerce websites with slow load speed tend to lose potential customers as slow page loading speed gives a bad user experience to them. Therefore, optimize your website’s loading speed to provide your potential customers a smooth experience while navigating through your product pages. Customers who feel comfortable while browsing for your products in your website tend to make purchases from your website, as it is fast and efficient in catering to their demands.

SEO is significantly vital in this contemporary era of internet as more and more businesses are shifting to the internet platform to reach out to their customers more efficiently and easily. These SEO best practices will be able to help your ecommerce website to achieve higher ranks in the SERPs and gain consistent traffic to your website.

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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