Marketing is a necessity for companies and businesses to persist and achieve their goals in the industry. Precisely, it is used to cater to their target customers in terms of products and services and to help businesses to find the most effective way to reach out to their target customers.

In the marketing process, marketing tools are being used to discover the demands and needs of target customers in order to improve and produce products and services for them. Marketing tools consist of resources, techniques and strategies of the businesses and companies that are available and can be used for their marketing.

There are various types of marketing tools that can be used according to each business and company’s goals and strategies, depending on its appropriation and preference of implementation.  Often times, customer loyalty programs, surveys, event marketing, direct mail, advertising and classified ads are the popular and conventional marketing tools among businesses. However, there is one marketing tool that is useful yet undervalued, which recently is rising in popularity that could be extremely helpful to your businesses, which is search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization falls under the category of internet marketing. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, allows a business to have visibility, or obtain higher visibility on the internet, if being done right.

Many often avoid or are unfamiliar to SEO as it is particularly new in the marketing segment, requires specific technical skills and knowledge to make it work and  it is unconventional. However, economically speaking SEO is rather low-cost with high-return as a marketing tool. SEO requires minimal resources, or sometimes none, to execute and it yields long term beneficial returns to the business. Because SEO is the process of optimizing business’s webpage on the search engine which usually does not require much resources, other than just a laptop or computer and a person equipped with SEO skills and knowledge. Search engine optimization helps a business website to have visibility, which allows it to be found and discovered by its target customers on the search engine. With this, the website is able to attract traffic and maintain consistent traffic. This of course, helps the business to reach out to the customers effectively and efficiently, which aids the business to achieve its goals.

SEO does not require extensive strategic and financial planning in comparison to current conventional marketing tools, such as event marketing and surveys. Still, it does not mean that SEO is a better marketing tool. Rather, SEO can be used simultaneously along with other major marketing tools as a part of the marketing plans as it is simple, convenient and useful.

The justification of the escalation of SEO’s value and recent growth in popularity is that we are currently advancing towards the glory of the technology era. Everyone is embracing the technology and is moving towards to the internet for everything. This is why, that business owners and corporations should embrace the new era and utilize the internet platform to remain competitive. SEO is able to change the game in the market as it provides various opportunities and leverage to small and big businesses alike.

Search engine optimization is a new and useful marketing tool that we cannot deny of its capability and potential in this digital age. Start SEO your website to be ahead of the game! There are various SEO tools that are available for free, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz Check My Listing, Moz Link Explorer and Yoast SEO. Optimize your online business today!

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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