Link building is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization as it is accounted as a factor in helping a site to rank high in the search engine results page. It is one of the complex facets of SEO that requires continuous effort and time to be executed. Still, its complexity should not be a reason of determent, as link building brings several benefits overtime that can benefit a site in a long-term period.


Link building is a process of acquiring links from other sites to your own site. It works in a way which other sites include links from your site as a form of reference or recommendation in their blogs or posts. This can be seen as a form of vote towards the credibility and trustworthiness of your site. Because when a site has decided to link your website from their posts, it shows that they have established trust towards the content and reputation of your website. Furthermore, it also means that they are confident of your content as reference to their posts towards their audience. This accounts to the indirect organic traffic through search engine optimization as curious audience of other websites that included your links in their posts will click on your links to visit your website. Thus, this attracts traffic into your website via mentions of other websites.

What does this mean to the search engine such as Google? Having other websites to add your links in their posts indicates that your content and website is trustworthy and credible, and your website will be viewed favourably by the search engine. The rule of thumb is that, the more links are referenced to your site; the more likely your website will be ranked higher in the search engine results page. This is because when search engine bots crawl through websites to index new content in their database, they will follow the links and navigate to the external websites that are linked in the posts uploaded by websites. That is why having higher frequency of being linked by other sites improves the credibility of your site in the eyes of the search engine.

However, this does not mean that you can abuse the link building process in search engine optimization by buying links and exchanging links to generate links in your website. Google is keen on detecting fraud practices like these and websites that are found engaging in these unwarranted practices will be heavily penalized, such as being banned from the Google platform.

The best and the right way to link building and SEO are to create quality content in your website. The content should be relevant, engaging and useful to your target audience. With this, it is more likely for your content to be chosen by websites. You may also approach other websites to link your content by contacting them. Though, you must also look into who you are approaching. The websites or internet influencers that you approach should have high authoritative power and strong audience in order to attract responsive crowd to your website. Websites with high authoritative power such as Times and The Washington Post that include your links in their posts boosts your chances of being ranked higher in the search engine. This is because such news sites are established and have profound credibility and reputation on the internet. That is why when your website’s content is being linked by them, it will be seen favourably by the search engine. This will also build your site’s credibility. With this, it will be easier when you want to approach smaller websites for link building afterwards based on your reputation.


It is crucial to generate good content as the first process of link building. The content can be research study, image chart or extensive article, depending on your purpose and target audience. The content must be original, quality, newsworthy and relevant. This will guide you to make a good content that can contribute to the success of your link building through outreach and discovery by other websites. Be mindful that the fruit of link building success cannot be seen overnight. Its result will be seen when the growth of traffic to your site increases alongside with the reputation of your site.



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