SEO has been an important segment of survival technique on the internet. SEO is not entirely new and it is not a contemporary concept as it has been there since the beginning of the search engines emergence such as Google and Bing on the internet. SEO has gone through multiple trends as the search engine policy changes. It has recently made itself known to the business and tech community due to the raise of awareness on the importance to be known or seen on the internet. So, what is SEO and why is it important to businesses?

SEO, the abbreviation of search engine optimization, is the process of gaining visibility of a website and webpage. It is done by optimizing the contents of the webpage so that they can be identified by the search engine and found by internet users.

On the deeper level of understanding the technical aspect, a webpage is optimized relevant keywords are utilized by adding them in the content. Prior to that, the content has to cater to what your target consumer wants, or else you will not be able to reach your target consumer. Therefore, research needs to be done to identify their demands and what kind of keywords do they search to look for their demands on the search engine. Optimized content allows your webpage to be recorded by the search engine database, which will be displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when internet user search for the related content on the search engine.

So, why is SEO important to businesses? As we are advancing into the digital age, more and more businesses and companies are moving to the internet platform to expand their business opportunities and to further reach out to their customers efficiently and effectively. Thousands of businesses’ websites are established on the internet to compete and to stay ahead of the game in the industry. This is why SEO is important in giving them leverage in their game.


SEO is a form of affordable internet advertising as it is a rather low-cost marketing tool with high return to the businesses in a long-term period. By optimizing your business’s website, your website is marketed to your target consumer when they look for products or services that you offer. SEO also allows other blogs or influencers to recommend your products or services by including your webpage’s links in their posts online. Besides that, SEO provides indirect benefits aside from marketing your website. Search engine optimization improves your brand reputation and credibility over time when your website rises above the ranks in SERPs. Being in the higher or top ranks in SERPs means that your website is reliable and trustworthy to the users and search engine as a brand. This will attract more potential consumers to visit your website and purchase products or services from your business while the existing customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and business.

In short, SEO is a process of making your businesses known and it provides visibility between your businesses and your target consumer, promotes your products or services, increases your sales, and improves your brand reputation. This is why it is important to businesses when they want to thrive on the internet platform.



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