With the advent of industrial 4.0, the industry is moving towards technology and big data. Businesses, corporations, and personalities are embracing the internet platform and search engine optimization practices. You may wonder, what else can you do if you are already in the SEO domain? What other secrets and tips from the search engine optimization specialist that you think could share with you to help you SEO better?


Here are several search engine optimization specialist secrets that can help you to SEO better:

1. Understanding search engine’s ranking algorithm

Popular search engine such as Google’s algorithm is constantly changing to improve its user experience and regulate contents or websites. It is important to understand its latest updates so that you can optimize according to the latest changes. SEO tools such as Moz and Google Master Central can help you to monitor the new changes by Google.

2. Using Long Tail Keywords

Structure your title with long tail keywords. It is recommended to structure your title into a phrase using the keywords of your content. This is a good marketing strategy as it will encourage traffic to your website. It will also help you to promote your content or website to internet users who are genuinely interested in the type of content that you create, aside from the casual audience.

3. Focusing on quality

Quality content speaks more volume than content that focuses on quantity. Good content is more engaging to your audience and they will tend to spend more time interacting with your content on your website. Quality content also helps to bring back your audience as they will look forward to your future content.

4. Building links

Even though building links to your website and webpage is important, it is also equally as important to build links, figuratively, with the people of your industry. Establish and maintain proper relations with the industry players, such as bloggers and influencers. This will help to build your credibility and authority to your brand.

5. Studying your competitors

Focus on your main competitors on their strengths on the internet platform. Analyze what they are good at and what they have been doing correctly. Use the knowledge to compare with your status quo to see what you can change, adapt, and further improve your SEO and website.

6. Monitoring your website load speed

Optimize the loading speed of your website. It should be designed to be able to load as efficiently as possible. Search engine bots may be unable to crawl your website if the loading speed is slow. With this, your content will not be indexed in the search engine database and it will not be found by your audience. In other case, your audience’s user experience will also be affected. Your audience will feel frustrated when trying to visit your website because it is taking too long to load. They will be very likely to give up on your site and visit your competitor’s website instead.

It is never too late to improve your SEO practises and strategies. These search engine optimization specialist secrets should be able to boost your website performance and stay ahead of the SEO domain.



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