Google’s algorithm is constantly changing for the betterment of the internet users on the platform. This is vital for SEO practitioners to adapt to the changes in order to remain competitive and rank high in the SERPs. To adapt to the new changes, it is notable to understand the factors related to search engine optimization


These factors play a main role that affects your visibility on the internet and rank on the SERPs.

  1. Accessibility of website

Search engine bots are able to crawl through your site and pages when your website is easily reached and accessible. Having the right URL and keywords in your URL tells Google that you have content that you want them to index. Having a robot.txt file also helps you in terms of telling the bots where to crawl and where not to crawl. To provide ease to the Google bots, having a sitemap is important for the bots to index all the pages in your website. It also tells them what kind of content you have in your site.

  1. Page loading speed

The loading speed of the pages in your website plays a huge deal in the factors of search engine optimization. Website with slow loading speed discourages audience from visiting and interacting with the content. It also may cause the search engine bots to not be able to crawl and index the website.

  1. User friendliness

Making your website to be available for mobile gadgets such as smartphone and tablet is able to affect your SEO ranking. The availability and reach of your website through variety of gadgets allows the users to access to your content whenever they need. The ease of usage and availability encourages the new influx of traffic to your site.

  1. Content optimization

Good and quality content affects the ranking of your site. Because the feedback of your content is reflected by the amount of visitors to your site and the time spent on your site as they find your content helpful and useful. Google values helpful and useful content so sites with this kind of content have high ranking. Original and extensive content with optimized media such as images or videos are highly appreciated by both the audience and search engine. Avoid duplicate and stolen content as you will be penalized by the search engine. Keywords need to be included in the content but do not overstuff the content with keywords as you will be penalized as well.

  1. Optimized tags

Having keywords related to your topic in your title tag is important to be ranked in the SERPs. The title tag is what will be displayed on the SERPs by the search engine. Title tag with keywords shows relevancy to the internet users in a way that they know you have what they are looking for on the search engine. Meta descriptions tag is just as important as well, as it serves as a convincing factor to attract the users to click on you website.

These factors related to search engine optimization influence your SEO ranking on the search engine. This is because these factors consist of aspects that attract and maintain traffic and synergizing with the mechanisms of the search engine. Having understanding towards these factors will guide you to adapt with the changing trends and SEO better.

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

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