Search engine optimization is known for its purpose of increasing visibility to a website by gaining traffic organically. Many business owners, public figures, influencers, organisations, and cooperate entities are embracing SEO as they realise how SEO can help them with their career and goals. One of the many reasons that people are practising SEO is that it is a free marketing tool with high return of investment (ROI).

SEO consists of techniques that translate into the process of optimizing content and website according to the algorithms of the search engine. It is an effort to increase a website’s visibility as it is intended as a marketing tool. As search engine optimization deals with the system of the search engine platform, how does it actually work?

Through optimization of content, content with specific keywords in it allows search engine bots to crawl through your page to be indexed in the search engine databases. The content will then be displayed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when internet users type in the keywords that you have included in your content on the search engine. This gives you visibility


Quality and extensive content with visual aid make your content more useful, interesting and engaging. This makes your visitors like your content, which means they will spend longer time on your website. Based on the account of how much time has spent on your website, the search engine decides that your content is good and useful so it ranks you higher on the SERPs. When your rank is high enough to be among the top ranks on SERPs, internet users will take notice of your website first, because it is among the top suggested results. This increases your visibility.

Title tags and meta tags optimization techniques allow the search engine and internet users to be able to find your content based on your tags. Having specific tags with keywords makes it clear with what your content is all about. Optimized meta tags make your website to be favourable, which increase your chances of ranking higher. This increases your visibility.

Optimizing alt tags of your visual aids like images allows them to be indexed on the search engine databases as well. This adds “favour” points to the search engine that may help you to rank higher. It also increases the chances of your website being found by internet users when they are looking for images.

Sitemaps eases the crawl process of search engine bots, which allows the pages of your website to be indexed. Structured website eases the navigation of visitors, encouraging longer spending time on your site and this will increase your rank. Higher rank means higher visibility.

Search engine optimization techniques and its expertise have been increasingly on demand by website and business owners alike. This reflects on the fact that it can provide leverage on the competition and exploration of different opportunities on the internet platform. It all boils down on one important element of marketing domain at the end of the day: to be seen. 

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

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