Search engine optimization (SEO) as of recent since the past decade, is an increasingly popular marketing tool used by business owners and internet personalities. There is no denying that its popularity is due to the pros of its nature that becomes the reasons of many to choose SEO. Due to this, it has caused an impact on the market of online advertising.

Search engine optimization is the process of gaining traffic to a website through organic search strategy. It serves as a marketing tool to increase one’s visibility on the internet, which is a way of growing its presence on the platform. SEO falls under the category of online marketing in the advertising and marketing segment, alongside with other mainstream online marketing tool like digital advertising.

By the means of a tool for marketing, it specifically caters to bring the awareness of its existence to the website’s or business’s target audience in order to attract their attention and interest and possibly purchase products or services from the website. It also serves the function of reminding the business’s existing audience or customers of its presence and its interests to continue to cater to their demands and needs to sustain the loyalty of the customers towards the business. 


The reason for the recent popularity of search engine optimization is that as everyone, personalities and business owners alike, is becoming more tech-savvy, they realised that SEO is rather economical in terms of expenditures and it is easy to be done. SEO can be done in two ways, depending on two conditions: if the person is equipped with SEO knowledge and skills, it can be done by the person in the company. If there is no one in the company that is equipped with SEO knowledge and skills, the company will have to outsource and hire SEO firms or marketing firms that offer SEO services to get it done. In comparison to other marketing tools or alternatives in the advertising market, such as pay-per-click (PPC), event marketing, and classic adverts, SEO requires none or relatively much lesser fee (depending on if the company is outsourcing or not), has continual ROI over time, needs lesser budget allocation (also depends on the outsourcing factor), and requires relatively lesser intensive strategic planning.

The rise of search engine optimization has also caused an impact on the online advertising market, which is the demand for SEO skills and expertise and the emergence of SEO firms. Businesses and companies are seeking for individuals with experience and skills of SEO while some are actively seeking for services offered by SEO firms. Due to such demands, the number of SEO firms has increased over the years and they are increasingly competitive in the market.

With the normalization of SEO as the new marketing tool, SEO is currently serves as an alternative to many other varieties of marketing tools available in the market. As each and every marketing tool serves a different purpose with its distinct functions, business owners, companies, and online personalities should carefully decide which marketing tool is best suit their needs and specifically caters to their brand or business, and produce the desired impact that they wanted. 

Raefi Azrani

Raefi Azrani

CEO of Majoris Digital Marketing Agency

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