Ever wondered how all those pages are able to rank #1 on Google? No, we’re not talking about the paid ads, that’s cheating (plus nobody really clicks on them). We’re talking about ranking organically through your content! Exactly, there are several methods you can do right now in order to rank on page one in google. Our digital marketing agency along with the help of Neil Patel, will guide you through SEO services that you yourself could perform without the need of an agency. 

SEO Key Services 1: Focus On Your Quality & Quantity Of Content

Now, you must be wondering why Google wants to see your content? It’s a similar case when you meet someone new. Would you be more inclined to have that person sit with you after meeting you once or have that person sit with you after you encounter the same person daily? Surely it’s after you see the person multiple times then only you’d allow them to sit with you comfortably right? Google thinks the same way, the more you’re able to post, the more Google would recognize you as an active page and they would rank you higher.

Now, if you’re having trouble determining what kind of content you need to write in order to rank properly with SEO, what you can do is Google the keywords you think people might search to find yourself. There’s also no harm in reading what your competitors have to say about your topic. The more you know, the better. And you need to remember, your content is not going to close the sale, well it could help, but it’s not the job of the article or video posted to sell what you’re selling. The reason why you’re adding content to your website is just so that google could recognize you as an active website. With this method, you don’t need a digital marketing agency on your side!

One thing to remember though, this is not an overnight process. If you’re new to the game, you should know that Google takes at least three months to start ranking your page. And when you end your 90 day probation you’d be shocked to see such results with ZERO money invested, hence the word organic search.



SEO Key Services 2: Optimize Your Title Tag & Meta Description Of Your Content

Okay, now that you’ve gotten a rough idea of what type of content you see your competition writing, it’s time for you to find out what content your customers are searching for. One way to do that is to visit Neil Patel’s Keyword Search Tool UberSuggest.

If your niche topic is about fitness, one type of article you could write about is ways someone could lose weight at home. From the picture, you could see the “search volume” of the desired keywords. There are a few tabs available. Feel free to explore what the other tabs are. Once you’ve picked your keyword phrase, the next thing you have to do is make it into a title. Take for example “ways to lose weight” as your selected phrase. What you need to do, is make sure that this becomes a full sentence like, 10 Ways To Lose Weight After Reading This.

Your titles have to be easy to read, convey a message, and spark curiosity. Once you’ve sorted out your title, the next thing you have to focus on is your meta description, which is the few lines of text beneath your title. If your topic is about a product, make sure it teases the user a bit, if it’s about services, make sure you’re able to create a demand for it.  A common meta title would look something like this:

“Tired Of Hitting The Gym 2 Hours Per Day And Seeing No Results? We Share With You How This Special Fruit Smoothie Can Help You Burn Fat When You’re Not In The Gym!

So there you have it, a good title and a description explaining what your article is about. This is important as it serves as a trailer for a movie. You have to let your audience know what you’re about before they feel they want to continue sticking with the program. A digital marketing agency would make sure that the content is relatable to its users and unique.

SEO Key Services 3: Make Use Of Google Search Console

There is one reason why you need to use this tool. It’s free! Google has provided you the most powerful tool, that will help you rank your page higher and it’s completely free. But you need to know how to use it.

After you’ve registered and linked your website (make sure you’re the owner), you’ll be brought to a homepage. You’ll be able to find very useful data on this site. If you were to click on the “performance” tab, you may check how each individual page is doing. From there, you could filter which keywords are popular or which pages are popular. Once you’ve done that, you could easily come up with a few more variations on that topic as you know your users are keen on it. What a digital marketing agency would do is, completely observe the pattern for 90 days, and proceed to standby articles they think their audience would dive into.


The tool has a couple of dimensions you should know about, which are: impressions, click-through-rate (CTR) and clicks. Impressions is basically how many people have seen your site on google, but didn’t click on it. Clicks are when your users from Google click onto your link. And lastly, CTR is how much percent of people clicked onto your site. You get that figure by taking your clicks/impressions x 100. But, with all things you learn on the internet, it’s not as easy as getting people who know the job to handle it for you. Drop us an email on what your website is about and how would you like it to be in 6 months time and see what our technical geeks have to say about it! Some jobs should be left to a digital marketing agency to solve the issue. 

And that’s all the SEO basics you need to know on how to rank organically on page one of Google. 

And since you’re a beginner in this field, we decided to show you another website that also recently began its SEO adventure almost 14 days ago (April 2020). This website solely focuses on auto insurance and they specifically target the younger adults who have trouble in deciding what type of car insurance you need. Check out the website here at  www.majohub.com.

MajoHub writes everything about the types of car insurance available like comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, liability coverage, medpay, towing to even windshield insurance. MajoHub has also got you covered if you get into an accident. Did you know that you potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you didn’t do this. These providers make use of a digital marketing agency so as to focus on their core service to make sure they have traffic and conversions. Feel free to check their site out to see how it’s done. 

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